I really dig this episode (Star Trek: the Next Generation S06e07 “Rascals”). If you don’t think preteen!Jean-Luc and Dad!Riker is cool, we can agree to disagree, but if you don’t think preteen!Guinan and preteen!Ro Laren jumping on the bed is just the best thing in the world, we can’t be friends













because it helps to remember this every now and then.

Also did anybody else notice that they removed the “Elton John’s AIDS foundation” logo from Miley’s picture? Fuckin’ agendas everywhere….

I literally threw a mini fit

The fact that they even touched up the woman in the BACKGROUND of the Selena Gomez pic is crazy.

I’ve said this every time it comes on my dash but please also notice that a lot of the women get photoshopped lighter.

And that´s the reason why nobody should try to be that thin, because that thin doesn´t exist in reality.


there’s so much racism here with how they change rihanna’s nose



It’s weird because these women all looked gorgeous enough without the photoshopping and in most cases looked freakishly proportioned after it.

And who the fuck is Enrico Francis?! All but like one of these has that brand added in…

Star Trek: Enterprise S02e22 “Cogenitor” aka “WHYY WHAT BUT …ARGH!!!!”

Oh fuck, this episode, fuck, fuckity fuck. Also … FUCK THIS EPISODE!

So … premise/synopsis: Enterprise encounters a vessel of exploration from a new (forehead alien) species, the Vissians, technologically more advanced than Earth/StarFleet. Basic first contact dinner/mingling etc. Trip meets the Chief Engineer, his wife the Gravity Engineer (or something) and another person at their table, introduced as their “cogenitor” - a member of their species’ third sex/gender (treated identically throughout the episode because of course they are). This cogenitor gender comprises about 3% of their species and is necessary in the procreation process. Members of this gender are given no name and no education, their pronouns translate as “it,” (because they/them is plural dontchakno) and they are basically treated like a tool/object/non-person. In fact, they are chattel, assigned to family units who are ready for conception for the duration of the conception process and then moved to the next family. They are breeding stock. They have no rights to the children they help create and are not consulted in their own treatment. Trip finds the non-personhood of the cogenitor disturbing, so he inquires more about … it … how about  … more about them. He seeks them out and befriends them, providing materials to teach them to read, media to consume and games of skill to play. He confirms that they are just as intelligent and capable as members of the other two genders … miraculously so, but the show only has 42 minutes, so … Anyway, the cogenitor quickly realizes that their sentience entitles them to humane treatment. This causes disruption, a call for asylum, refusal of asylum and the eventual suicide of the cogenitor, who had chosen the name “Charles” to honor Trip.

OK, so … sO MANY ProBLEMS!!@

Alright, so let’s just get the fact that the episode is either an attempt at allegory of “The Trans Narrative” or it clumsily stumbled into one out of pure chance. The fourth episode of the series, “Unexpected,” dealt with Trip getting impregnated by a species that reproduces by implantation/without intercourse, but didn’t exactly deal with gender dynamics outside of “hurr hurr a man is pregnant!” So this is one of ST’s awkward attempts at dissecting man/woman gender dynamics by introducing the concept of a third gender or agender or just the concept of non-binariness (See Also ST:TNG S05e17 “The Outcast”). It’s clear that, while probably well-intentioned, the writers don’t seem to actually know a trans person. Still, Trip’s implicit acceptance of Charles as a whole, yet oppressed, person feels pretty fucking revolutionary to a trans person who is used to seeing her people dehumanized in media. The rest of this post will operate on the assumption that the trans allegory is intentional and deliberate.

There are some problems with Trip’s perspective (especially as the viewpoint character), though. He almost immediately genders them as “she/her/hers” because “she looks more like a woman than a man.” He has a hard time stepping outside of a binary gender/sex framework. So … in the future, either all trans people transition to one of two binary genders or trans people simply don’t exist anymore. Good Job Janice Raymond… The problem is, in the year 2003, when this episode was written, produce and aired, trans people who did not transition to a binary gender already existed. We were already here, so were we forced to live in the closet, were we assimilated into the gender binary or were we exterminated? OK, maybe trans people don’t enter StarFleet. Maybe we’re still banned from the serving in the military. Maybe Trip just doesn’t know any trans people, or about any trans people or of the existence of trans people. Doesn’t speak well for our presence in media, government and society, does it?

Still and all, Trip immediately see Charles as a person and can’t understand why no one else in the Vissian society seems to. So that’s great, bare minimum, but great. Trip consults Dr. Phlox about the arrangement to better understand the situation, and gets the rough outline of Phlox’s supposition (the cogenitor sex provides a necessary enzyme to enable fertilization/conception), but he begs off when Phlox offers details of anatomy. How refreshing to have someone actually respect the privacy of a person’s genitals. Again, not something I’m accustomed to encountering when it comes to trans folk in media. 

Trip begins to educate Charles and help them see that they are an actual person. When the Chief Engineer and Gravity Engineer find out, though, they’re pissed because now their cogenitor feels entitled to their own bodily autonomy and this jeopardizes their family planning. How dare they believe they are entitled to decide what happens to their own body… When the Engineer family makes it clear that they are not only not interested in helping Charles self-actualize, they intend to forbid and prevent it, Charles seeks asylum on Enterprise. Trip, of course, accepts the asylum request. Let’s just say that this causes some friction between the two ships. 

When Captain Archer returns from his days-long away mission with the Vissian captain, he is in a moral quandary. Accepting the asylum request makes it clear that he sees Charles as an autonomous being and would greatly jeopardize first contact. Returning Charles respects the Vissian culture, while acknowledging that cogenitors are not people. Ultimately, since he and the other captain are super chummy pals now, he returns Charles to the Vissians. 

Then … UGH!!! Then, Archer calls Trip to his quarters and calls him on the carpet for putting him in the position to make that choice, and reveals that Charles (who Archer only refers to as “the cogenitor”) has committed suicide rather than continue their previous existence as a non-entity. … And blames Trip for that happening. If Trip had simply ignored the slavery inherent in Vissian society, Archer wouldn’t have had to make a tough choice, and maybe make the wrong one…

In fact, Archer holds Trip responsible for not just Charles’ death, but also the non-existence of the CHILD that Charles would have helped conceive (paying no mind to the fact that Charles would also have no claim to this child). So … the death of the trans person analog is a tragedy for the CIS PEOPLE analogs, but otherwise not tragic. Archer gives no acknowledgement that Charles’ death is, in and of itself, a terrible thing, only that it creates terrible consequences for Charles’ temporary owners. And now they have to go acquire a new one… but that’s going to take sometime and isn’t that just awful? So that’s great. Trip clearly just wasted his time and caused all of this ruckus over someone whose actual life doesn’t matter except insofar as it inconveniences normal people. Wow, that sounds achingly familiar. Archer doesn’t seem to regret turning Charles over to the Vissians, or accepting Charles’ chattel status, or even that Charles is dead (and his role in it). Archer only regrets and is angry about Trip’s intervention on their behalf. 

So, I guess it’s a much more accurate allegory than I initially thought, even if it isn’t the morality lesson I’d hope for: Trans people are weird and interesting. They have no rights to their own bodies. Their lives are unimportant. Their deaths are only tragic when they affect non-trans people. THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY PEOPLE. So … ouch, fucking ouch.

Trip’s behavior and intervention isn’t even a violation of the nascent Prime Directive as the Vissians are warp-capable and have interacted with other non-Vissian species. Of course, there’s the whole human chauvinism inherent in a story where the Vissians have encountered other cultures who reproduce differently and yet no one called them out on their treatment of the cogenitors until the enlightened humans came along to show them the error of their ways, but then, it is a show made by humans for humans, and that’s really always been a feature of Star Trek (“Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most … [voice breaks] human.”). 

My hope is that the writers’ intent was to play up Archer’s mistake of not protecting an oppressed and silenced person, but that’s certainly not explicit and Trip doesn’t get the chance to point it out, only the chance to grieve Charles’ death and his role in causing it. He doesn’t point out that suicide was a final act of self-determination by a real person and only highlights the terrible conditions the cogenitors live under. No, he can only feel sad and sorry. I can understand his “if only I hadn’t done this” grief, but I hope that his conclusion isn’t “I shouldn’t have spoken up and intervened on behalf of a person who was being abused and silenced. I shouldn’t have done anything at all,” instead of “I did the right thing and it had a terrible consequence. I only hope others will hear of and learn from Charles’ life and choices.”

So, yeah … this episode caused me some serious frustration and it could have been rescued by a better conclusion, but it wasn’t and only reinforced the dominant ciscentric and pro-oppression narratives of our culture. Someday, there will be a Star Trek story that genuinely and accurately examines and deconstructs gender identity and gender dynamics… but this is not that day. Honestly, I would have hoped for a more affirming and less oppressive ending from LeVar Burton as a director

P.S. Also, at one point the Vissian Chief Engineer calls humans “bigendered” as in they have two genders. One that’s inaccurate and two I am not a fan of that usage of the word bigender (which predates the episode by about 4 years, per Wikipedia). To be fair though, McCoy describes the Tribbles as “bisexual” instead of hermaphroditic (in the zoological sense) and bisexual existed before that episode too. Weird.


so since the russians washed back on shore and stuff their robot is still destroyed so they’ll need to raise a new one from scratch
yea you fuckin heard me


so since the russians washed back on shore and stuff their robot is still destroyed so they’ll need to raise a new one from scratch

yea you fuckin heard me


September 16th Total: 657 Words


brinconvenient suggested ‘Mystic Phlebotomist’, so here’s the first part of something I’m calling Night Class.

Smoke curled in the hot, little room. The windows were covered in thick, red cloth, ensuring that the air would stay still, and quiet. Only the soft, nearly inaudible sound of chimes broke the silence. Five people, each of a different age and interest in the subject, were chopping herbs and boiling water. Aubrey, a large, careful woman, was holding her large, hazardous knife like she wanted to strangle it. The blade was shivering over the bundle of sticks and leaves she was chopping. Ms. Lau stood against the wall in her sleek white blouse and skirt, perfectly erect, stiff and still but for her long red thumbnail on her crabclaw-like right hand tapping against her arm.

Aubrey,” Ms. Lau breathed, the word stirring the softly swirling incense into infinitely intricate curls and spirals. Aubrey jumped, and tried to strangle the herbs instead. Ms. Lau went still again, her good tapping finger resting with the rest of the hand against her forearm.

Lau?” Called Joy, softly from the doorway. She was a perfect collection of straight lines and sharp angles, every inch of her soft and comfortable as a knife factory hit with claymore mines. She had outlived the cuteness implied by her name. Ms. Lau adored her.

A windchime jangled gently above Joy, moved by the breeze of the door. The small, smoky room felt suddenly cold in the sharp, chilly air from the hallway. Ms. Lau gave her students a slow, careful look. Aubrey was trying to murder the knife again. Ms. Lau inhaled through her nose, told the class to continue and for god’s sake don’t let it get out of hand again, and swept out of the room, trailing smoke.

Joy was waiting in the cold, air conditioned hall, her hands in her pockets. There was a man there beside her, his eyes anywhere but Joy’s scarred face. He was pale, ashy, his face twitching. Terrified. He had an extremely boring haircut, and an extremely boring tie. His shoes were filthy and scuffed. Sweat patches on his shirt. He had run. Ms. Lau said:

Yes?” In as welcoming a voice as she reserved for people who interrupted her class. In return, he said:

You’re her? You’re Lau? Please, you’ve got to help me. It’s, it’s in my blood. They did something, put something in me, and it’s in my blood!”

He continued doing this, saying nearly the same thing each time he spoke, for a long time. Ms. Lau looked at Joy instead. Joy said:

He insisted he see you.”

I have an appointment calender for this.”

He insisted.” Joy shrugged, her thin mouth belieing her distress. Ms. Lau suspected she was doing that Thing With Her Face that Joy was fond of telling her about. The man was still talking. Ms. Lau told him to stop, which he did not. She looked at him, and tried with all her might to continue doing that Thing With Her Face. Then he stopped.

Someone put something in your blood,” she said, coldly. She crossed her arms. She tapped her fingernail against her skin.

Yes,” he swallowed. “They, they put it in me, in my blood, and and and-”

She exhaled, very slowly, and counted to forty-seven while he petered out again.

What did they put in your blood?”

I don’t know! But it’s, it’s moving! I can feel it!”

Joy hissed softly, between her sharp little teeth. Ms. Lau asked:

Who put it in your blood?”

He flinched, like it hurt to think the name.

The Red Right Hand,” he whispered. There was a cold draft in the hallway. The flourescent light above them flickered. Ms. Lau drew her thick black brows together, tapped her thumbnail against her arm, and said:

I don’t know who that is.” And while the man gaped, she blew past him down the hall, her white Crocs silent on the linolium. “We had better have a look at you.”

We’ll continue this tomorrow night.

Well … I’ll be god damned. For whatever reason, when you asked for a one-word prompt, my ex-mother-in-law’s mid-life career change popped into my head, but I felt that “phlebotomist” wasn’t sexy enough and needed a modifier and you can just almost never go wrong by adding “mystic” to anything and holy fuck this is amazing. Like … there’s a whole world here. You just made this thing. This whole thing. Out of some stupid word pair that burbled forth from my weird brain. 


I want more … also … I want to be a fly on the wall when Lau and Photon do lunch. That might also explain Photon’s conveniently easy access to blood…


Anonymous asked:

Your 110% correct, you'll never look like a woman because you'r a man an should stop pretending otherwise

ladyfenric answered:


Another day I’d just take a selfie of me giving you both fingers, but.. I’m not doing that well today, life is harder than I’d like right now and I’m just not feeling it, heck, I’m *almost* tempted to agree with you… I will probably *never* look like a cis woman, and whilst I wish I didn’t want to and could embrace the great truth that my feelings about that are just internalised transphobia…

I can’t…

because internalized transphobia… 

Heck, it’ll probably kill me in the end, not that you’d care, I mean I’m assuming the anon hate is due to you having problems with women like me, and yes! I did say women. Whilst I’ll never have the body I want, I’ll never look the way I want or conform to the standards I’m supposed to (and want to) I am a woman. I don’t doubt that for a second and embracing that truth has made my life complete and make sense. so… all of the things you can throw at me and accuse me of… they don’t change that fundamental fact.

Like it or not, accept it or not, trans women are women, trans people are who they say they are, and if that makes you uncomfortable, well, tough! we’re not going to go away, and we’re certainly not going to stop being ourselves, I’m not going to stop being me (whiney, sad, depressed, occasionally cute), just because it makes you all upset in your tiny winy brain

Fuck my life, but fuck you too :(

Clearly they’ve never looked at your photos because you look nothing like a man. You handled this bullshit with aplomb and I hope you are able to shake this off and send whatever demons it has riled up in you back to hell.