Okay real talk why do so many dyadic bigender people want to / do appropriate the h slur? Like wtf people.

Speaking as a bigender person, and the administrix of bigender.net for the last 4 and half years, having interacted with about a thousand people who identify as bigender, I want to say that this particular phenomenon seems to be primarily a tumblr phenomenon, spearheaded by a particularly loud and obnoxious gender fundamentalist clique who have created and perpetuate a very facile, yet damaging theory of gender, which proudly and loudly equates gender to sex. Agender-offender and deepsky28 are part of this clique and consistently claim that the h-slur is not a slur no matter who tells them, nor how often.

I speak up to any bigender person (well, any person, really, but specifically bigender people) I encounter who espouses that philosophy or uncritically uses that word (and two-spirit, which is the other common appropriation bigender people go for). It’s unacceptable and inexcusable. 

I’m sorry that you’ve encountered this from a group of people to which I belong. 


Anonymous asked:

Your "opinions" are wrong and you don't speak for all agender people, so quit it. Besides that, not all agender people want to be sexless. You can want to be sexless and still be cisgender. That's called transsexual.

kanekiself answered:

Short answer:


Long answer:

No, you’re fucking ignorant. Transsexual = transgender, they both mean someone who desires to either: have the “”opposite”” sex characteristics and genitals, aka trans men / women; lack sex characteristics and genitals aka agenders; have both genitals, being hermaphrodite aka bigenders. AND BEFORE SAYING herma is a slur, it is not. go ask an intersex person. 

Transsexual is anyway heavily connected with the porn industry which fetishizes a lot transgender people so dont use the term transsexual. 

Actual agender people want to be sexless. Not even going to waste my time explaining you why, just take a look at my blog and not at the agender tag thats full of white middle classed ~~sjws~~~ gender non-con girls with infinite piercings and bright ass hair colors who think they know what “agender” means, when they base it on gender roles and “”“not feeling like a boyy or a gurl”“”.

And last, no. If you want to be sexless you’re not cisgender. Fuck off my blog. 




Hi I’m an intersex person and when used in humans the h-slur is a slur.

please explain me how hermaphrodite is a slur. 

its biologically impossible to be hermaphrodite, which means that its impossible to have fully functioning female + male reproductive systems and genitals. how  is this a slur? 

For starters I love how dyadic people always say “ask an intersex person” and then when of us comes along you challenge us because you don’t actually give a shit about us unless it props up your own argument.

With that out of the way and since I have the energy to educate your dyadist ass:

It’s a slur because for the last several decades it has been a tool of duhumanization that has been used not only to mark intersex people as freaks but has been used as part of the discourse justifying coercive surgery.

Part of the problem is precisely because humans can not be hermaphrodidic. It essentially compares us with non sentient animals.

Also it’s great being called a hermaphrodite whenever I try to explain my intersex body to dyadic people. It’s also great how intersex people are fetishized with the h slur.

Basically it’s a fucking slur because it’s been used and continues to be used in the dehumanizations of intersex people.


deepsky28 asked:

no, i didn't say you're not a trans woman. i am saying that if you have sex dysphoria and want to be female or have already transitioned you are a trans woman. but having a vagina and being comfortable with that is not in any way agender. agender is sexless. kanekiself, agender-offender, fabledfrowningfox, demons-in-the-void, tre-scum, agendergod, everyone would be yelling at you for saying agender is somehow an ~identity~ and not a serious issue. because they cannot find a way to transition

lisaquestions answered:

I did not say that agender is an identity. I said it is an important part of my sense of self. 

Agender is not sexless (unless the agender person wants to be). Neutrois is sexless.

agender-offender is one of the worst, most abusive and aggressive truscum. I could care less what mari thinks about my gender.

This is my last response to you, since you are trying to say that truscum don’t do the things I said y’all do while doing several of them to me in your asks. 

The information on my blog page sets a boundary. It is my statement of who I am. It is not an invitation to a bunch of overinvolved assholes who have self-appointed themselves as gender police to try to debate who I am or what my gender is.



Agender= without gender
Neutrois= null gender

They don’t mean the same thing. Each word has different connotations that happens to overlap. Not everyone who is neutrois is agender and not everyone who is agender wants a physically sexless body. Hell, not everyone who is neutrois wants a physically sexless body. My answers yesterday were not the best, but your answers are completely outside the clue zone.

Also, neutrois means “gender neutral” which does not strictly mean “null gender” and does not mean “agender.” It can mean these things, again, because people take up the labels because they find it helps them define themselves, but the two words are not identical.

Also, why are you coming at me and not that deepsky asshole who said neutrois doesn’t exist at all? I guess anything truscum do, no matter how erasing or hostile is okay, right?

Ew … I’m sorry that deepsky kid is bothering you, Lisa. They’re an asshat and a troll. Usually they stick to the bigender tag, which they somehow have claimed some kind of weird ownership of. I try to engage them to draw their fire from more vulnerable people, but I haven’t been engaging lately.
They and mari and a few of their mutuals have this weird conflation of gender and sex and have arbitrarily created this system in which there are only four possible genders, all conspicuously (and sometimes creepily) tied to sex: male = penis or wanting one, female = vagina or wanting one, agender = no sexual organs whatsoever, or wanting that, and bigender = a fully-functioning penis, and testicles and vagina, uterus, ovaries, etc, which they don’t seem to understand isn’t actually physically possible (barring a mutation), and certainly not possible surgically.
It’s a dangerous, destructive and puerile belief system that they aggressively try to insist is science (because saying SCIENCE makes it science).

They’re children with no concept of nuance, understanding of the social dynamics of identity, or even what identity or gender are.